Fresh Bait is Best?

It’s easy to think that lure fishing is the best way to fish, based on fishing magazines and TV shows. I reckon lure fishing receives the biggest share of media coverage, so it’s no wonder they have seemed to become more popular.

However, that is far from reality. Every day, more anglers are using natural baits over artificial lures. The media’s heavy bias toward lure and fly fishing reflects just how much more money can be made from the advertising and selling of them.

I still prefer bait, and the fresher, the better. I must admit, though; we haven’t caught much as far as bait is concerned lately. Not because there’s nothing around, but because we haven’t bothered. We don’t even own a net anymore. However, it’s not just nets that you can use to catch you fresh bait, there are many other methods to use. Whatever you have, freshly caught or collected baits from the area you are fishing is best if you want to use fresh bait.

We’ve been buying our bait recently because it’s the simplest way. But it is cheaper and usually a lot more fun to collect the bait yourself.

Before you begin, check the local fisheries regulations to sure what you have is legal to use. The gear required to catch your bait depends on what you are after:

  • Bait Nets – Walk around in the shallow in a semi-circle and drag the net to catch herring, hardyheads, squid, mullet, bream, whiting,
  • Cast nets – It may take a bit of practice, but these round nets work well for mullet, prawns, any baitfish found around your jetty or boat.
  • Yabby pumps – Obviously for yabbies. They are found near creeks, rivers, and bars where the sand and mud come together. The little holes you might see in the sand are the Yabby homes.
  • Scoop nets – Best used at night with a torchlight for squid, prawns, and baitfish.
  • Fish traps – Similar concept as crab pots.
  • Garden forks – If you like to use worms, the mud and mangrove areas can have a healthy Dig by turning the mud over and sift through the mud with your fingers. (Kids will love it lol).
  • Feet and hands – Dig around the beach for pippies, sand worms, and soldier crabs if you’re quick enough to catch them.

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