Best Fishing Charters (Blog) in Queensland

Hello and welcome to the list and blog of the best fishing charters in Queensland. This is a free platform for you to tell your story, view, review, comment or advertise your fishing charter. We especially welcome testimonies and reports about your adventures.

The best story wins top position and a featured image for this article. You can remain anonymous if you wish. If your story includes a photo and is more than 500 words, you can have it published on a dedicated page.

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Ideas of what you can tells us about the best fishing charters:

  1. Was it your first trip?
  2. How often do you use a charter?
  3. Was the weather good or bad?
  4. How long was the trip?
  5. Was everyone fishing?
  6. Did you use bait or lures?
  7. What kind of bait or lures?
  8. What did you catch?
  9. What was the biggest catch on the day?
  10. Was there plenty of room to fish?
  11. Did anyone get tangled up?
  12. How much tackle did you lose?
  13. Anyone spew over the side?
  14. Was food supplied?
  15. Did you have time to eat?
  16. The funniest thing on the day was…
  17. The annoying thing was…
  18. Would you do it again?

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Deep Sea Fishing Charters Gold Coast

Paradise Fishing Charters

Brisbane Fishing Charters

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