Sell the Boat and Get a Camper trailer?

You still go fishing when you sell your boat and buy a camper trailer, right?

Yes, the boat is no more. But we still enjoy fishing and there are many places to fish when you don’t own a boat. We decided on surf fishing for the first time in ages, but we didn’t just drive to the beach. We decided to camp some ways away from the beach.

We had our bikes with us and decided we would grab a rod, Chuck some bait in a bucket with a couple of essential bits of tackle and ride to the beach. I felt like a teenager again struggling to hold onto my fishing rod and the handlebars simultaneously.

When we got to the beach, we had a bit of a workout dodging cars and other people, going uphill and racing downhill. We found a spot to lock up our bikes, and I just thought, well, I hope nobody comes and steals them. You just never know who can unlock or pick these locks nowadays.

For some weird reason, I decided to wear my everyday joggers’ (shoes). Initially, it was a good idea because I thought they would protect my feet. But I regretted it much later when my shoes filled with sand I had to take them off. So I recommend being barefoot as long as there are no oyster shells or anything like that. I did try a pair of thongs the next day, but I lost one in the surf, and they kept coming off, so it’s a pain in the ****.

The first fish I caught was a Whiting. My rod is not a surf rod, and I couldn’t cast it very far, so I was surprised I caught anything. After a few practices, I could cast it better, and I understood where the good spots were in the surf. I couldn’t believe the variety of fish you can catch in just a couple of hours. We caught whiting, bream, tailor, dart and even a nice flathead.

That’s not me, but a more experienced fisherman.

If you’ve got a good story, let us know, we’d love to hear it and publish it on this website.

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