Fishing is Healthy and Good For You

Fishing is healthy and good for you at any age, from childhood right through to the senior years. It is a favourite outdoor pastime loved by Australians. A study by the CESSH and Fisheries research and development corporation shows that around 25% of Australian homes have at least one person who partakes in fishing for leisure.

Most fishers over the age of fifty, have been fishing for more than thirty years! That is a lot of skills and knowledge built up over the years.

Most Australian children and teenagers though do not get involved in enough physical activity due to electronic devices replacing outdoor activities.

Research in the past has shown that outdoor activities are not only good for physical health but also mental health and behaviour.

If a child has opportunities, as a family event or school program to become interested in fishing, they are more likely to continue to do so later in life, improving their lifelong health. Even though most people fish to relax and unwind, a diet high in seafood benefits the health as well.

Fishing is motivational and relaxing. Whether you fish to be outdoors, to be alone, with friends, for competition, food or sport, you are keeping yourself healthy mentally and physically at any age.

I know for sure I would much rather see my teenage children and young adults out fishing instead of stuck indoors on a computer game or do something unhealthy like drinking or going to pubs and clubs.

You do not need to own a boat to go fishing either.  Places like jetties, lakes, freshwater creeks, ponds, marinas, bridges, rock walls and practically any beach can give you the chance to catch a decent feed of fish, without the cost, hassle, and troubles that can go with boat ownership.

So, yeah, let’s go fishing!

Tips on bank fishing here.

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