Docile Bottom Dweller or Wannbe Killer?

Surely the laid-back Wobbegong isn’t dangerous, or is it? Personally, I have caught several in my past years of fishing the reefs, and I’ve come to learn that they are perhaps suicidal if anything (let me explain). If you’ve ever captured one of these, you are probably fishing the bottom of the reef. You might…

Eastern Red Scorpionfish = Ouch.

If you have ever caught one of these nasties, you’ve probably caught them more than once. I certainly have, and every time I do, I curse at knowing I must get it off my hooks without getting stabbed. My advice is to use long enough pliers that it cannot accidentally flicker and reach your hand….

My First Trip to Barwon Banks

The morning began in our little donger in Tewantin AKA Noosa Caravan Park. With the alarm set for 4.00am, the beer drinking had to be limited to maybe six.. or so.