Big Emperor from the Gold Coast

This big baby (Emperor, Blue Spot, Grassy Emperor, Grey Sweetlip and also known as Grass Sweetlip) was caught on the Gold Coast last year. I didn’t go out that day, the skipper was on his own, so the photo was an afterthought (as you can see it’s already been scaled). But I didn’t want to miss a chance to record the size of it!

I would love to see pictures of the great Emperor that you have caught. That one was the biggest I’ve personally seen at 70cm, it’s pretty impressive as they grow to 80cm.

I remember fishing at Double Island Point and the skipper was bringing in Emperor at a constant rate. Not me, however, I was catching turtles I think. But for him, there was no time to sit down because as soon as the line hit the water, the bait was gone. We were using pilchards that day, and it must have been the speciality meal in that restaurant below us. They like hanging out near weed beds.

The Grassy Emperor is a common species of the Emperor family, especially in Queensland. There are other varieties of Emperor and some are hard to differentiate. They also have different size limits, so it’s quite important to get it right.

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