Going Crabbing and Catching Fish

Going crabbing and catching fish instead?

My partner and I enjoy fishing as often as possible. Sometimes we go out just to get crabs (or in hopes of getting a crab). We have just one pot that we take with us and usually get at least one mud crab or sandy. One lucky day we got a couple of delicious painted cray.

It is annoying though when you put your crab pot in a lovely spot away from anyone else’s, and it disappears. Twice we have had out crab pot stolen, once in Noosa and the other time in the Moreton Bay. One time we were fishing at night in the Noosa River, with the pot set just behind us by about ten metres. We kept looking back because another boat had pulled up a little too close to it.

It didn’t take long before the sneaky buggers were casting their lines at it. I don’t think they realised that we were watching them. Once they caught it, we shone the torch at them and started to head towards them. Of course, they realised then that it was our pot and immediately began making excuses that they ‘accidentally’ got the pot. No hard feelings at that time.

Fish in the crab pot

I got sidetracked there; I was talking about all the times we’ve caught fish instead of crabs in our pots. The best one was an octopus. The gummy sharks are popular, and so are bream and flathead. On the Gold Coast, near the bar, we caught a nice tusky in the crab pot.

This gorgeous hermit crab was caught in our pot near the rock wall on the Gold Coast.

A gummy shark (Gold Coast again). See it in the link below on our Facebook page.

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